The transit system has identified the elderly, disabled, and those with lower income as prime target populations for service; however, persons not falling in these areas qualify to receive benefits as general public passengers. The availability of funding often influences the service populations. Routes are designed as subscription, demand-response, deviated fixed, and express route commuter services. The overlap in the subscription and demand response scheduling and dispatching functions allows ICATS to maximize resources and operate more efficiently. ICATS will not discriminate due to trip purposes. Service is designed to transport multiple persons to multiple locations through ride-sharing.

Trips are billed on a direct service mile. Trip charges are based on the fully allocated rate-setting model developed by the NCDOT.  Rural Operating Assistance Program (ROAP) passengers and those trips provided by federal funding pay the $1 boarding fare established to help meet the local match requirements. Fares are $1.00 per boarding, regardless of trip type or distance.