ReadyNC App

North Carolina Emergency Management has developed a new mobile application available at the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices. It is an all-in-one tool that both residents and visitors can use to get the latest weather, traffic and hazard information and know what to do to be safe. The app does not replace calling 911, but it can be used to find life-saving information.

The new app provides users with:
  • Real-time traffic and weather information
  • Critical information on how to be safe during different hazardous events
  • Real-time information about opened shelters for evacuees (including addresses, capacity, directions and if the shelter is pet-friendly)
  • Real-time updates on flood levels of major nearby creeks and rivers
  • Phone numbers and links to all North Carolina power companies to report outages
  • Basic instructions on how to develop emergency plans and what to put in your emergency supplies kit
  • Real-time information on which counties have issued evacuation orders
  • Contact numbers and links to websites for those who need help recovering from a disaster
  • Direct links to the and websites and social media accounts
The mobile application was developed by North Carolina Emergency Management using Citizen Corps funds that are designated to foster emergency preparedness.

Are You Ready?
If a disaster were to strike in our community, will you be able to say you’re prepared? It’s just 5 questions, and you’ll learn information that could help you and your loved ones stay safe in the event of a disaster. Find out now by taking the Red Cross Preparedness Quiz.