Safely Dispose of Unwanted / Unused Medicines

Unused Medications

An emerging problem in today’s world is how to safely dispose of the unneeded medications we all seem to accumulate. Left unsecured they can fall into the wrong hands and injure people or harm the environment.

Each year many infants and children are accidentally poisoned, sometimes fatally after consuming over the counter or prescription medications they find in their homes. Many painkillers contain regulated substances that can lead to addiction and drug abuse.


Medications, when thrown into the trash or flushed, can eventually find their way into the environment through surface and ground waters. Some communities in the U.S. have reported traces of antibiotics in drinking water sources that can have a negative impact on the efficiency of drugs and ultimately harm our health.

Drop Boxes

There are some safe options to disposing of your medications such as Drop Boxes. Some of our local law enforcement agencies conduct “no question” take back days and have anonymous drop boxes. Some of our area pharmacies also utilize drop boxes.