Communicable Disease Information for Providers

To Contact Communicable Disease (CD) Staff:
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), HIV, & AIDS
STD Program Manager                                     704-878-5300 ext. 2316        Fax: 704-871-3474
Assistant STD Program Manager                     704-832-2358                        Fax:  704-871-3474

Tuberculosis (TB)/General Communicable Diseases and Vaccine-Preventable Diseases 
Communicable Disease Program Manager      704-878-5334                   Fax: 704-871-3474
Assistant CD Program Manager                       704-878-5300  ext. 3446   Fax: 704-871-3471

Mail Communicable Disease Report Cards to:  
318 Turnersburg Hwy, Statesville, NC 28625 or fax them to 704-871-3474

Health Director                                                  704-878-5302
Director of Nursing                                            704-878-5338
Assistant Director of Nursing                            704-878-5300   ext. 5330

Resources for Communicable Disease Reporting: 

General information:
North Carolina Communicable Disease Manual
NC STD Program Manual
Statistics about HIV and STD rates in North Carolina
Communicable Disease in Iredell County

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CDC STD Treatment Guidelines

NC CD Laws and Rules